June 10, 2020

Recently added:

Glow in the Dark Purple

Yellow Indigo

Violet Orange Color Shift

Super Sparkly Interference Pigments Flourphogopite based for the purest reflected color.

Superstar Shimmer Blue (20-200 microns)

Superstar Shimmer Green (20-200 microns

Superstar Shimmer Violet (20-200 microns)

Superstar Shimmer Red (20-200 microns)

Heavily pigments Flourphogopite based colors, very bright and colorful.

Syn Blue

Syn Violet

San Green 

Syn Orange

Synthetic Fine White Satin

We will have the site updated soon. We have new thermo-chromatic pigments in and will have them on the site as soon as we have photographed them. These pigments are for Industrial use and come as a colored powder which goes white when warmed up.

In our upcoming order we will have some new larger micron synthetic based micas (white,  gold , red and brown ) to add to our glitter collection.

In April we should have a couple of aluminum pigments requested by customers in Silver and Gold.