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Just Pigments is based in Tucson, Arizona and a family owned business. We offer over 300 pigments and add new colors regularly. Our client base includes glass blowers, artists, paint companies, graphic artists, soap makers, cosmetic, manufacturers, candle makers, epoxy companies, designers and handmade crafters.

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About Us and Our Mission: Simply put, when a company puts genuine effort into developing a relationship with their customers, the public can tell. It's why a company like Southwest Airlines can be so beloved by customers despite being in an industry that most people love nothing more than to badmouth. Just Pigments believes a small business can actually have an edge over the Amazons and Wal-Marts of the world when they focus on their ability to forge genuine, long-term relationships with their customers. In a time of remarkable access to goods and services, what customers want more than ever is to trust that a brand they are connecting with sincerely practices the customer's ethics and ideals. Just Pigments wants to foster a culture of gratitude that will translate into both profit for us AND savings to your bottom line.

We ship orders out on the same day if humanly possible if the order has been received by 8am. (sorry we don't work weekends). Because we offer free shipping over $10 there are times when we actually lose on small orders but we bank on the fact that that person will keep coming back and eventually be able or successful enough to order more! We strive to keep our overhead as low as possible and have not risen our prices in the last 5 years despite the rise of shipping costs and import tariffs that have risen 30% in just the last 2 years. We can do that because we all participate in the day to day operations and the very first thing on our agenda is getting your order out! We get emails daily thanking us for our speedy shipping! We hope to be able to continue to serve our customers AND we love hearing about your projects and have learned so much from you! Many of our customers are small businesses and when YOU succeed, so do we!

Make Your Own Cosmetic Neon Pigment

Synthetic Micas

Check them out!

Will The FDA Ban Glitter?

You too could become a color blendanista!

The first color bar!

See how easy it is to blend your own custom powders. Little has changed over the years when it comes to making makeup. Still today they are a blend of iron oxide, white powder filler, manganese violet, chromium green and ultramarines. 

Find them HERE

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