Earth Friendly Glitter

The pigments in this collection are over 150 microns (larger particle sizes) and will biodegrade in the environment over time. We have 2 types of glitter in this section. One type is made with natural mica powder and the other with Synthetic Flourphogopite. Synthetic fluorphlogopite is a synthetic mimic of a natural mineral that functions in cosmetics as a bulking agent and a viscosity increasing agent aqueous solutions. CIR Review on the Safety of Flourphlogopite in cosmetics.

What you really need to know is that the glitters with Natural Mica Powder are not allowed for use in facial makeup in the US. They may be used in soap, lotion, shampoo, body tattoos etc but not on the face.

Glitters made with Synthetic fluorphlogopite are approved for all cosmetic use at this time. They tend to be smoother than the natural mica. It may be under review but at this time they are allowed.

Please keep this in mind when choosing the glitter for your application. We will be expanding this collection over 2018  since we will be discontinuing the Plastic Glitters because of environmental issues.