Lost, Slow or Damaged Mail

Dear Valued Customer,

We are sorry you are having issues. Please read the following. Just Pigments will do everything they can to retrieve your order or resend it if needed but we request you take the following steps on your own first.


As with many other businesses and as you have heard on the news USPS has been having issues with packages sometimes taking an unusually long time for delivery and even at times getting lost. USPS First Class Mail is still the least expensive option for shipping orders under 1 pound. These packages have had the most issues. It is the only option that is still affordable for us to offer free shipping for these small orders. 

Slow Mail

If you are in any kind of hurry for you order and it is a small order we recommend upgrading to a USPS Priority or Fedex. Another option is to make sure your order is over 16 ounces and it will automatically upgrade to a faster option.

Here are some issues and our suggestions:

Mail seems stuck and not moving:

Log into your account, and make sure you have given us the correct shipping address for your order.

File a "lost order" claim with the post office. This spurs them to track your package down and send you a response. If it's actually lost then we will file a claim and replace it for you.


Your mail is scanned as delivered but you did not get it.

From time to time you will get a message saying your package is delivered but it's not on your porch or in your mailbox. This happens at times when the carrier has loaded his van the night before delivery. They are not supposed to do this but it does happen

1. Contact your local office or your carrier immediately and let them know you did not receive  your package. Sometimes it's at the post office for some reason (incomplete address?) or it has gone to a neighbor.

2. Additionally, file a missing mail claim ASAP. You need to supply your tracking. To find this log into your account and click on the order. The tracking and all messages associated with that order will be there.

Damaged mail

If your order is damaged, often they return it to us automatically. If this happens we will contact you and resend the package.

International Orders USPS

We no longer ship by USPS First Class International. This was the least expensive option but with no tracking after the shipment leaves the US and with shipments disappearing that option is no longer offered by us. If  your order is over $50.00 we insure it at our cost.

Usually the package is sitting in customs or has been handed over to the local postal service. Additionally if custom and duty is due and they can't reach you then it will just sit. If it has been more than 6-8 weeks since it was shipped please contact your local customs or PO with the tracking number or visit this page for more information. Additionally please let us know if you have done this or haven't received your package so we can keep track also.

You will also find more information here: