Mission Statement

Wholesale Cosmetic Pigments strives to offer a full spectrum of extra ordinary pigments for Cosmetic, Craft and Industrial Applications.

We are committed to slow growth and fair and reasonable pricing. 

We enthusiastically research each pigment, it's source, safety and application. We require from all our suppliers a Certificate of Analysis for every pigment, MSDS Sheets, letters stating their animal testing policy and letter stating that they monitor all mines where they source their pigments and make assurance that no children work in those mines. We realize that it may be almost impossible to assure our mica has not been sourced from a mine that employs child labor but feel it is important that our supplier know we care about this issue.

We randomly conduct our own tests on our pigments to assure that the Certificates of Analysis we receive match the actual tests we have contracted.

We provide our customers with information on applications that the pigments may be used for and follow all FDA requirments regarding labeling.

We are committed to providing pigments that are safe, clean, earth friendly and effective.

We are committed to offering consistent ethical practices in our dealing with our suppliers, clients, staff and our community at large.

We are a small team and hard to offer excellent customer service, ship all orders out within 48 hours and if we cannot answer your question will do our best to find someone that can.

Wholesale Cosmetic Pigments does not conduct animal testing and does not purchase from Suppliers that are testing their pigments on Animals. Most all pigments have been tested on animals in the past for saftely and possible reactions. In most cases there is no need for a manufacturer to re-test thier pigments, so this is an easy promise to keep.

We appreciate each and every customer, no matter how small and are commited to resolving any issue that might occur in the course of business.

Thank you for making us your supplier!