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Sample Pack 15 Mirror (Chrome) Colors

Sample Pack 15 Mirror (Chrome) Colors


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Mirror Colors are very popular for nail polish and dip. How about trying it as a paint?

The sample pack includes fifteen 2 gram Samples of our Mirror Pigment colors that can be used to create a mirror like effect that can vary depending on blend & medium.

NOW WITH 6 NEW COLORS ADDED! - CP-DF01 Mirror Blue, CP-DS04 Mirror Green, CP-DF21 Mirror Orange, CP-DF06 Mirror Purple, CP-DF07 Mirror Sage Green, & CP-DS15 Mirror Yellow


*We always suggest you test a product with a 2 gram Sample before purchasing a larger amount to make sure it will work with your blend/project.


  1. Clean your surface of your nails.
  2. Prepare your nails with UV base coat then cure it under UV/LED lamp for 60s.
  3. Apply any UV color gel polish and cure it under UV/LED lamp for 60s until totally dry.
  4. Apply No Wipe Top Coat and cure it under UV/LED lamp for 30s.
  5. Use applicator to rub a little powder on your nails.
  6. Use dust brush to get rid of the extra powder.
  7. Apply No Wipe Top Coat and cure it under UV/LED lamp till full dry.

INCI: Aluminum Alloy (CI 77000) (CAS# 7429-90-5)

Sample Pack 15 Mirror Colors

CP-DS01 Mirror Teal
CP-DS03 Mirror Grey
CP-DF04 Mirror Ruby
CP-DS12 Mirror Imperial Violet
CP-DS08 Mirror Pink Violet
CP-DF02 Mirror Magenta
CP-DF10 Mirror Ocean Blue Green
CP-DF13 Mirror Cobalt Violet
CP-DF08 Mirror Deep Gold
CP-DF01 Mirror Blue (NEW!)
CP-DS04 Mirror Green (NEW!)
CP-DF21 Mirror Orange (NEW!)
CP-DF06 Mirror Purple (NEW!)
CP-DF07 Mirror Sage Green (NEW!)
CP-DS15 Mirror Yellow (NEW!)
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