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Just Pigments CP-SPCS

Sample Pack 15 Color Shift (Chameleon) Colors

Regular price $29.00

A sample of 15 of our most popular color shift colors.

NOW WITH 3 NEW COLORS ADDED! - CP-965231 Gold Red Purple, CP-968341 Purple Blue Orange, & CP-963454 Pink Gold Green

CP-90216 Yellow Indigo
CP-90230 Violet Orange
CP-95106 Blue Green Violet Red
CP-95206 Blue Violet Red Orange
CP-95425 Mauve Red Orange Yellow
CP-95625 Yellow Green Blue
CP-97216 Golden Indigo
CP-97221 Red Gold Green Red
CP-97515 Green Gold
CP-97521 Red Gold
CP-98214 Golden Blue
CP-98240 Blue Orange
CP-965231 Gold Red Purple (NEW!)
CP-968341 Purple Blue Orange (NEW!)
CP-963454 Pink Gold Green (NEW!)


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