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Pistachio Green Clay

Pistachio Green Clay


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Note for wet applications: Working with fine pigments (small micron size) such as this can clump in your formula. Experienced formulators will mix the pigment with a small amount of batch material in something like a mortar and pestle. Once that small batch is colored and smooth with clumps mashed out, it is then added to the larger amount of base material.

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French Green Clay comes from the sedimentation of Silico-aluminum, its coloring the result of the oxides contained in these rocks.

Its unique composition includes Iron, Silica, Aluminum, Magnesium, Calcium, Titanium, Sodium and Potassium. French Green Clay is prepared for the commercial market by a process of sun-drying and crushing.

After the clay has been mined, it is spread in the sun to remove excess water. It is then ground by large hydraulic crushers and micronized, or finely pulverized.

The last stage in the process is a final period of sun-drying to remove the last traces of water.

Product Name: Pistachio Green Clay 
INCI Name: Illite
CAS #: 12173-60-3
EINECS: 215-288-5
County of Origin: France

Appearance: Green to grayish green fine loose powder
Odor: Almost odourless.
Particle Size: 20μm
pH: ~ 7.90 @ 20 °C
Apparent Density: 1.8 – 1.9 g/cm3

Specific Density: 2.4 – 2.8 g/cm3

Flash point: inflammable
Water Soluble: Insignificant
Silica (SiO2): ~ 42.5 %
Alumina (Al2O3): ~ 14.3 %

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