Luster White Satin 5-25 µm
Just Pigments CP-120-1

Luster White Satin 5-25 µm

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Lustrous White Powder with low sheen and good coverage.

Approved for cosmetic use without restriction.

Micron Size 5-25

INCI: Mica (CI 77091) (CAS# 12001-6-2)
Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891) (CAS# 13463-67-7)



  1. Glowing!!!5 Star Review

    POSTED BY ON 12TH AUG 2015

    I used this pigment as a highlighter eyeshadow. And your eyes are sparkling with that pigment! Fantastic to work with!

  2. Silky and Awesome!5 Star Review

    POSTED BY ON 13TH OCT 2014

    I purchased the Luster Satin for my powdered make up. It left a wonderful satiny feel to my skin. The luster is not overpowering like some other micas. I'm thinking about incorporating it into some other beauty products that I make.





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