Just Pigments CP-SPDC

Sample Pack 32 Duochrome Colors

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A sampling of 32 of our Duo Chrome pigments including 4 new colors:

CP-509 Chameleon
CP-6033 Red Violet
CP-67015 Darkstar Red
CP-67019 Darkstar Violet
CP-67025 Darkstar Blue
CP-67205 Sunset Glow
CP-67225 Periwinkle Pink
CP-67304 Duochrome Red Brown
CP-67315 Violet Red
CP-67325 Lilac Blue
CP-67500 Mint Silver
CP-67505 Mint Gold
CP-67600 Blue Silver
CP-67603 Deep Green Gold
CP-67605 Blue Green Gold
CP-67615 Darkstar Blue Mauve
CP-67619 Indigo Violet
CP-67625 Darkstar Pure Blue
CP-67635 Darkstar Blue Green
CP-68815 Harvest Gold
CP-68825 Red Green
CP-68852 Green Red
CP-7059 Superstar Red
CP-7089 Superstar Blue
CP-7659 Superstar Blue Mauve
CP-7669 Superstar Blue Violet
CP-7699 Superstar Blue Green
CP-STRG Skintone Rose Gold
CP-60350 Black Green (NEW!)
CP-65250 Purplish Blue (NEW!)
CP-68250 Sapphire Magic Blue (NEW!)
CP-67350 Tea Green (NEW!)

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