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Sample Pack 50 Assorted Mica Colors

Sample Pack 50 Assorted Mica Colors


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This pack includes 50 mixed mica colors. They do not include any duochromes, Superstars, Chameleons or Synthetic Pigments. It does include a large assortment of our standard micas including most blues, greens, yellow, oranges and pinks. 

CP-6034 Blue Purple
CP-6041 Cambridge Blue
CP-6043 Sky Blue
CP-6045 Sapphire Blue
CP-6046 Peacock (iridescent) Blue
CP-6047 Blue Gold
CP-6060 Turquoise Green
CP-6411 Lustrous Blue
CP-6412 Shimmer Blue
CP-6413 Magic Blue
CP-6414 Cobalt Blue
CP-6415 Turquoise 
CP-6011 Patina Gold
CP-6051 Peak Green
CP-6052 Sea Green
CP-67505 Mint Gold
CP-6055 Blackish Green
CP-6056 Jungle Green
CP-6057 Sparkle Green
CP-6058 Aqua Green
CP-6059 Green Blue
CP-6511 Golden Green
CP-6512 Apple Green
CP-6515 Designer Green
CP-67500 Mint Silver
CP-6012 Glitter Yellow
CP-6013 Lemon Yellow
CP-6014 Dark Yellow
CP-6113 Magic Yellow
CP-6070 Saffron
CP-6071 Coral Reef
CP-6072 Orange Yellow
CP-66E1 Magic Orange
CP-66R4 Golden Peach
CP-6024 Skin Tone Pink
CP-66R1 Juicy Pink
CP-6020 Fuschsia
CP-6021 Sweetheart Rose
CP-6022 Pink Lemonade
CP-6025 Peony Sunset
CP-6026 Honeysuckle Pink
CP-6033 Red Violet
CP-6212 Hot Pink
CP-6213 Strawberry Creme
CP-66R2 Magic Pink
CP-6031 Bright Violet
CP-6035 Dark Purple
CP-6311 Silken Violet
CP-6312 Magic Violet
CP-67315 Violet Red

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