Collection: Fluorescent Neons

We have some new Neons coming in that will be approved for both bath bombs and fake makeup (with some restrictions). The FDA rules still apply, for example the red may not be used around the eyes as it contains red lake dye.

Note: Please make sure you read the description to assure you are buying the right product for the proper application. 

Neons are: 

Widely use in, Poly Resin, Nail Art, Candle Making, Soap Making, Resin Jewelery, Artists Acrylic and Tempera paints, Watercolors and Polymer Clay, and now for some cosmetics. 

Non Bleeding and will not change color. 

Our neon powder pigments are made by in a way that gives them the capability  of converting lower end of spectrum and UV light into the visible light of the key wavelength.This phenomenon of absorbing white and ultra violet lights along with converting them in visible range makes this pigment exceptionally bright and of outstanding visibility. 

Formaldehyde Free

The small particle size keeps the powder from clumping, clogging mesh screens or mottling in printing.

LIght Fast and resistant to heat.