Collection: Interference Mica Powder

Interference Pearls are made by mica coated with titanium dioxide. When you look at them straight on they appear more whitish. When viewed at an angles you see glorious irridescent colors. The presence of the difference colors is due to the thickness of the titanium dioxide coating. By varying the coatings you get all the wonderful colors of the rainbow. 

Important things to know when working with interference pigments. (other tradenames may be "hilites" or,"intervals")

  1. They are very translucent.

  2. The particular color effect is angle dependent.

  3. The Strongest color effect is with a thin application over a dark valued color, such as black.

  4. They can be mixed and blended with other colors, but if blended with a very light valued color such as white, they will all but disappear and the interference effect will be blocked. However, this is a ratio dependent effect, and one can create subtle interference and irridescent effects by adding very small additions of white or other opaque and light valued colors. If mixed with darker valued colors, they will make an infinite variety of iridescent colors.
  5. You can blend them with any translucent acrylic medium to create iridescent/interference nailpolishes.

interference-pigments.jpg how-interference-pigments-work.jpg

We offer 5 colors with 3 different micron sizes for effect.

Satin 5-25 micons. The most matte finish that offers the best coverage.

Pearl 10-60 microns: Medium Luster and sparkle with some coverage. The most popular.

Flash 10-100 microns: Lots of Sparkle and not much coverage. Adds real "pop" to your cosmetics. Popular in nail glazes.

Superstar Shimmer: Like glitter with lots for sparkle and low coverage. Not approved for