Collection: Duo Chromes - Two Tones

This new generation of colors bring you two shades of color and make beautiful shades of colors for eyeshadows, nail polish, clear soaps, glass art, epoxy, acrylic, and resin applications, and in some cases lipsticks. When gazing at the color straight on it will appear one shade, then viewed at another you will see the second shade.

Duochrome pigments may be used in a complete range of color cosmetics to create vivid, deep, smoky and sultry colors with sophisticated shimmer. Their combination of color play and bottomless, ethereal radiance make them ideal for color cosmetics in any number of textures that complement a mood, evening’s desire, whim or season. MultiColors on lips, eyes and the face can be tailored to any age group. Duochrome extend the possible use of effect pigments across age groups.