What is Synthetic Mica and is it Safe?

Synthetic fluorphlogopite-based pearls exhibit a superior lustrous sparkling effect and high color purity.

Super smooth with pleasant slip and excellent payoff, they provide high compressibility and superior binding performance. This mica powder is made in a laboratory setting and has many advantages to it's natural counterpart.

Compared to natural mica, synthetic mica offers:

1. High purity

2. More consistency

3. Cleaner, whiter white pearls

4. Resistance to higher temperature

5. Greater reflectivity

6. Interference colors with higher chroma

7. More compressible in pressed powders

8. Less bleed from metallic colors.

Synthetic Micas comply with global cosmetic regulations and are also extremely popular for industrial applications such as auto paint and nail lacquers. 

Unlike natural mica, micron sizes over 150 may be used on the face and in cosmetic applications unless the FDA rules otherwise.