My package has been scanned as delivered but I didn't not get it. What do I do?

Several things may have happened:

  1. Contact your mail carrier as they are the ones that scanned it as delivered to your address.
  2. You have entered your address incorrectly. Please first off check you account and verify you supplied the correct address.
  3. If you don’t have a secure mail box it may have been stolen.
  4. The carrier has scanned it as delivered but they have not actually delivered it yet.

What you should do:

  1. Call your post office and initiate a trace on the package. Many times the package is simply there awaiting pickup, as that too constitutes being delivered by the postal service.
  2. Ask to speak with your post master who will also check with your mail carrier.
  3. Check with other individuals in your household and neighbors to make sure they haven’t set it aside somewhere.
  4. If it is a priority package and you have not been able to find it we will file a case on your behalf with the postal inspector. Many carriers now have scanners that are equipped with GPS tracking and the postal inspectors can find out exactly where the package was delivered. If your package was delivered to the wrong address they may be able to retrieve it and get it to you.