Firing Temperatures Guideline

Some pigments will loose color if they are fired over certain temperatures.

This is a guideline for glass blowers and potters.

Here is our details for your reference, please have a check
100, 200, 300, 500     700-800 ℃  or 1292-1472 F
Check the SKU to see which category they fall into.
100's : White
200's :  Interference pigments with Natural Mica
500's : Titanium Free Metallic Micas
6000 67000   300-400 ℃ or 572 to  752 F
6000's : Colored Micas 
67000: Duochromes
7000's  1000 ℃ or 1832 F
All Synthetics with the exception of the Duochromes Blue Mauve or Blue Violet, Blue Green.