Firing Temperatures Guideline

This is a guideline for glass blowers and potters. No guarantees are made so please test using samples as we don't take returns on open products.

Check the SKU to see which category they fall into. Please always test your formula and processes using samples.

100, 200, 300, 500     700-800 ℃  or 1292-1472 F 
100's : White
200's :  Interference pigments with Natural Mica 
500's : Titanium Free Metallic Micas

6000 67000   300-400 ℃ or 572 to  752 F 
6000's : Colored Micas  
67000: Duochromes

7000's  1000 ℃ or 1832 F

All Synthetics with the exception of the Duochromes Blue Mauve or Blue Violet, Blue Green.