Bulk Orders

Need more than just 500 grams?

If you just want a kilo or two the only option we  have is to order as many 500 grams as you need. 

The next price break comes at 10 kilos.

If you are interested in 10 kilos or more of a single color please email us at:


Please provide:

1.SKU (CP code) and name of the product

2. Quantity your need.

3. Time frame you need it receive it by.

If you can wait we can consolidate it with our orders and the cost of shipping is about $6.50 - $7.50 per kilo. Our shipment arrive once every 6-8 weeks. If you need faster than we get a quote when you order.

4. When we have confirmed what you want and pricing then you will be sent an invoice through Quickbooks with a request for a 50% deposit. No orders will be submitted before we have received the deposit from you.

We do not color match custom colors. Bulk orders are for 10 kilos of colors we already supply.