Are your Dyes and Pigments Water or Oil Dispersible?

All our Pigments are Water and Oil DISPERSIBLE. They are NOT water or OIL SOLUBLE.

I have seen sites that say micas are soluble, they are not.

A DYE is a distinct chemical that exhibits coloring power when it is dissolved. Dyes are water soluble, and will not mix with oils. Most Dyes can be purchased in a Powder format or a less dusty version called "Granular".

An ALUMINUM LAKE PIGMENT is an insoluble material that tints by dispersion. Lakes are produced from the FD&C Dyes and are oil dispersible (but generally not oil soluble) and thus can be mixed with oils and fats. They can also be dispersed or suspended in other carriers such as propylene glycol, glycerin and sucrose (water and sugar).

Lakes are produced in various concentrations of the Dye and are best used for: 

  • To color a fat based product, such as chocolates or lipsticks.
  • For “hard panning” (to dye the outside of a product such as a gum ball, an M&M™ type product, or a pill). 
  • Lakes tend to resist bleeding.