Approved for Cosmetics or Not? What does all the jargon mean?

We use several terms in our descriptions:

Approved for Cosmetics:This means you may use the pigments for all cosmetics without any restrictions.

Approved for Cosmetics with Restriction: This means that for the most part the pigment may be used for cosmetics. If it has an ingredient such as Chromium Green or Ultramarine it may not be used for the lips. Read the description, it will list what any restrictions might be.

Not approved for use on the face: The FDA restricts micron size for usage on the face. If the pigment has a micron size over 150 then you may not use it for applications such as eyeshadow. You may still use it for other cosmetic applications such as lotion, shampoo, hair dye, nail polish and so on.

Not approved for cosmetic use: This means the pigment may not be used for any cosmetic as there are restrictions.  For the most part Soap is not considered a cosmetic and the pigment may be used in Soap. Use your common sense if you are not quite sure.