Application Guidelines for Plastics and Expoxy Resin

Formulating special effect pigments

In extrusion processes the use of masterbatches or compounds is the best way to achieve colour and effect in end products.
Special effect pigments can be used directly in powder form in various types of plastics.

Just Pigments pearlescent pigments are very stable and best processed at temperatures at the upper end of the range. They blend easily into most batches but to avoid clumping you can mix them into a small part of the batch and then add it to the master batch.

Plastics Solutions For Reference

Item No. Usage Proportion(%)
1 Masterbatch 10-30
2 Plastic Resins 0.2-0.5
3 Plastic Bottles 0.5-2
4 Plastic Parts 0.3-1
5 Plastic Filmer 1-8
6 Latex and Rubber Products 5-15