Plastic Glitter (PET)

Our PET GLITTER is solvent resistant. We have tested each and every one and thay all passed "the test" for solvents an nail polish. All our PET glitters  are 0.08 Hex Size. Even though they may be used for industrial purposes they are cosmetic grade and approved for use in cosmetics in the EU. 

PET is recyclable but takes about 450 years to biodegrade.

Our cosmetic grade glitters are designed especially for decorative cosmetic applications in compliance with the legislation of colourants and other cosmetic requirements in the EU and Asia. All our glitters are cosmetic grade and smooth.Laser cut glitters (HOLOGRAPHIC) are the smoothest of all with the most sparkle and multi-tonal effects.

Application:All types of decorative cosmetic applications such as powders, gels and emulsions (particularly nail polish). They can also be used for craft applications. They are not approved for use in face makeup in the US but may be used in other cosmetic external applications such as lotions, shampoos,  shower gels and soaps. 

All our glitters are SOLVENT RESISTANT.